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Try out the multiplayer using the local adapter

In THNK, you need to start a scene with an adapter in order to play in multiplayer. Adapters are provided as separate extensions, and sets up a networking solution in a way that THNK understands.

Before implementing an adapter to connect your players together, it's useful to test your game in multiplayer mode locally. The THNK local adapter has many advantages:

  • It's Blazingly Fast™
  • It allows to pop-up and connect multiple clients in a single action
  • It is easy to connect, as there is no networking involved.

Setup the local adapter

Simply install the local adapter extension, create a new scene (I like to call it something aalong the lines of MultiplayerQuickStart), and put the action from the local adapter to start a server with 2 clients at thee beginning of the scene.

That's it! Now, previewing this scene will start a server with the scene and the amount of clients you requested, each in a separate window, for you to test out the game in multiplayer mode.